YUMEYA keeping healthcare environment clean through specific healthcare furniture


  Infection prevention is a top priority for medical and healthcare centers today. Training is required across the healthcare centers to educate staff on the importance of hand and room cleaning to prevent the spread of infection. Manufacturers are working with infection prevention experts to provide clean and easy-to-clean products. It is reported  that environmental and healthcare centers surface contamination may play an important role in the transmission of pathogens that can expose people visiting a hospital to C. difficile or other pathogens, complicating hospitalizations and making illnesses more severe.


  The healthcare center surfaces must accommodate everyone, patients, guests and staff who encounter them. It is required to be healthy, safe, durable and nice design. The longer such as furniture can maintain these properties, the more sustainable and cost-effective the surface will be. Everyone in a healthcare center or patient room or waiting area  touches a healthcare surface. A solid surface that won't scuff, scratch or scuff is the surface of choice in any healthcare setting. Healthcare furniture surfaces that can be easily cleaned  and remain aesthetically pleasing are even better.


  As the whole world is calling for the improvement of environmental health and the sustainable development of the healthcare industry, in response to the call for environmental protection and sustainable development, YUMEYA furniture has developed a metal wood grain senior living product line to change the current status of the environment and health issues in the above-mentioned industries .Due to people's preference for solid wood chairs, a large area of forests have been cut down, resulting in a series of ecological problems such as land desertification and climate warming. The metal wood grain chair is actually a metal chair, but through the metal wood grain technology, the metal chair has the same wood grain texture and touch as the solid wood chair.We refuse to use products containing toxic substances, do not cut down any trees, reduce the harm of products to the environment and patients, and prevent global ecological imbalance.





  In addition,We all know that solid wood chairs will be loose and cracked due to the change of environment moisture and temperature. High after-sales cost and short service life have increased the overall operating cost. But it has less impact for metal wood grain chair as it is connected by welding. So now more and more commercial place will use meal wood grain chairs instead of solid wood chairs to reduce the cost and accelerate the return on investment.

The continuation of COVID-19 will require additional anti-virus demand for furniture. As Metal Wood Grain Chair has no holes and no seams, it will not support the growth of bacteria and viruses.


  Meanwhile, since 2017, Yumeya start the cooperation with Tiger Powder Coat, a world famous powder . It is 3 time durable. Therefore, even if a high concentration (undiluted) disinfectant is used, Yumeya Metal Wood Grain will not change color. Combined with effective cleaning programs, it can effectively prevent the spread of bacteria and viruses. In addition, the metal wood grain is very easy to clean and will not leave any water stains.


As a new product in the market, Yumeya Metal Wood Grain Seating combines the advantages of metal chairs and solid wood chairs.

1)Have solid wood texture

2)High strength, can bear more than 500 lbs. Meanwhile, Yumeya provide 10 years frame warranty.

3)Cost effective, same quality level, 10-20% cheaper than solid wood chairs

4)Stack-able, 5-10 pcs, save 50-70% transfer and storage cost

5)Lightweight, 50% lightweight than same quality level solid wood chairs

6)Environmentally friendly and recyclable


  Metal Wood Grain Chairs have no holes and no seams, combined with effective cleaning programs, it can effectively prevent the spread of bacteria and viruses. At the same time, as Yumeya cooperate with Tiger powder coat, a famous brand in the world, even if a high concentration of disinfectant is used, it will not cause the discoloration of color. Meanwhile, metal wood grain chair combine the advantages of metal chairs and solid wood chairs, ‘higher strength’, ‘20% - 30% of price’, ‘solid wood texture’. If a potential customer who recognizes your company's brand of high quality, but can't afford the high price of solid wood chair, Metal Wood Grain chairs with high quality but low price will be a new option. Metal Wood Grain chair is an effective extension of solid wood chair in market & customer group. So we have reason to believe that Metal Wood Grain Chairs will usher in great development since 2022.

  1435 Series is one of Yumeya hot sale Metal Wood Grain Seating. It is applicable to different scenarios in most Health care centers.

Application scenario: Dining, Cafe, Lobby, Common Area, Activity, Game, Theater, Resident Room

  Contact us to customize your own style healthcare furnitures or any help.



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